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Curb Your Cravings Course
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  • Identify Your Vulnerable Eating Worksheet ($29 value). Understand your vulnerable eating time during each day and week, so that you can respond rather than react. This will see a reduction in reaching for your comfort foods.
  • 3 Tools To Re-Learn HOW To Eat Without Missing Out On Your Favourite Foods ($59 value). You will gain new skills to use every time you experience a craving, and the strategies to use in the moment to avoid over eating.
  • Grab my #1 Tool To Use in the Moment to Manage Your Cravings ($49 value). You will use this 5 minute tool to reduce your cravings in the moment and feel empowered around food, whilst feel like you are not missing out on your favourite foods.
  • Engagement Strategies Shift ($49 value). Learn why distraction strategies are ineffective to manage your cravings, and leads to more eating. Learn this important shift for you to do in the moment when a craving occurs that will see a reduction in your emotional eating.
  • Identify Your Hidden Blocks Taking You To the Food & Keeping the Weight On Self Assessment ($39 value). Identify your number 1 block that is taking you to the food & continues to derail your eating, so you can become aware of it and start to change it.
  • ($225 Value). You Pay Just $97
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 I have tried every diet out there and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to lose weight. 

Not one of those programs ever mentioned looking within myself to find out WHY I choose food above all else or why I am an emotional eater.

My thinking has already changed significantly when it comes to food!! 

This is not a is life changing and like Georgie can't unlearn this!! xo

Averil Tooley
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