Are you ready to start to re-wire your sabotaging food patterns so that food no longer controls you?

  • Engage in the same eating sabotage patterns such as night time eating, reward eating or snacking all day?
  • ​Feel out of control around food and feel like you're stuck and in a rut?
  • Are ​you wanting to change and get to your goal weight, but no matter how hard you try, you keep falling back into the same eating patterns?
  • Do you feel consumed by food ALL THE TIME?
  • You feel in control when you stay busy, but the minute you stop, you turn to food.
  • Feel free around your food habits
  • ​Not feel a prisoner to the fridge
  • ​Not go to bed each night beating yourself up feeling ashamed and disappointed
  • ​Get out of the rut and not being so consumed by food

Here is some data from my EMDR specific protocol to reduce food cravings. 
In the BEFORE Image, you can see the top craving rating was a 10/10. 

After completing the EMDR protocol (just one time) most cravings collapsed to a 2/10. 

You will receive this exact same tool to keep for life!!

Empowered is a 2 Week EMDR Taster that has been developed by a Registered Psychologist who has 10 plus years working in the area of food cravings, with a core focus in the area of Weight Loss Surgery. 

Empowered is facilitated by Registered Psychologist, Georgie Beames, who uses evidence-based tools that can update hard-wired belief systems and re-wires the brain around food, as well as removes sabotaging thoughts, feelings and habits that are getting in your way. 

Georgie will use her eating EMDR eating protocol to help re-wire your brain so that you brain can lose interest in engaging in that habit. 

This can build trust, optimism and hope as you start to step into your V2.0 self. 

Research from the tools that you will receive in the EMPOWERED  Intensive gave Weight Loss Surgery patient's 77% more control over their cravings. Their mental health improved, and they lost on average 2kg of weight in 15 days.

Imagine what's possible as you start to feel more natural control around food, which can lead to natural weight loss, as the research suggests with these tools. 

2  x Weekly Group Sessions LIVE with Georgie where we identify how you are sabotaging yourself & we use EMDR to clear your sabotage blocks to feel EMPOWERED.

VALUE: $1000
Re-wiring  Daily Homework Tools to keep you feeling EMPOWERED!

VALUE: $297
Evidence based tools that can curb cravings quickly that you can keep for life!

VALUE: $297
Daily Hypnosis Audio to reprogram your subconscious mind to feel more EMPOWERED.

VALUE: $97
When you join EMPOWERED, you'll receive my signature curb your cravings course for free so you can get started today with some effective strategies!
Value: $197
​Identify Your Vulnerable Eating Worksheet. Understand your vulnerable eating time during each day and week, so that you can respond rather than react. This will see a reduction in reaching for your comfort foods.

​3 Tools To Re-Learn HOW To Eat Without Missing Out On Your Favourite Foods. You will gain new skills to use every time you experience a craving, and the strategies to use in the moment to avoid over eating.

Grab my #1 Tool To Use in the Moment to Manage Your Cravings. You will use this 5 minute tool to reduce your cravings in the moment and feel empowered around food, whilst you feel like you are not missing out on your favourite foods.

 Engagement Strategies Shift . Learn why distraction strategies are ineffective to manage your cravings, and leads to more eating. Learn this important shift for you to do in the moment when a craving occurs that will see a reduction in your emotional eating. 
  • Weight loss surgery patients and non weight loss surgery patients struggling with their relationship with food
  • ​If you experience strong cravings every day (you can't say no to chocolate or chips or snacking in the moment)
  • ​You have a pattern of this problematic eating habit over time (i.e. it's not just a once off)
  • ​This is your key challenge and it gets in the way of you really enjoying and living your life!
  • If your mental health is significantly depleted where your eating and weight is not your #1 issue. We recommend seeking 1 on 1 help to stabilise your mental health first, and then we can look at this program at a later date. 
  • ​If you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or another personality disorder and you are not currently seeking 1 on 1 help.  Please email us at info@georgiebeames if you have any questions on this so we can direct you on the best support for you.
  • ​Anyone who does not want to work in a group context. 
  • Night time eating 
  • ​Secret eating
  • ​Snacking all through the day (once I start, I can't stop)
  • ​Picking and eating whilst cooking
  • ​Eating when you're not busy or distracted
  • ​Eating too much takeaway, either drive thru or UberEATS
  • Any food or habit that you can't say no to in the moment.
  • One off eating behaviours (we are looking for patterns over time) 
  • ​Empowered can help you to make better choices when you are physically hungry.  But, if you are wanting to not eat when you are physically hungry, this is not in alignment with the values of the program.  We work on your non-hungry eating (known as cravings or head hunger).  This program is not about using the tools to skip meals or override your physical hunger cues. 

This is the most affordable way to work with Georgie. She no longer sees clients for individual sessions and has spent her career going deep in the area of eating and weight, especially for Weight Loss Surgery Patients.

Developed by Registered Psychologist, Georgie Beames, Empowered is a 2 Week EMDR Taster that uses evidence-based tools to update hard-wired belief systems and re-wire the brain around food.

With 2 live EMDR sessions and all the rewiring tools included, Empowered is practical, transformative, and around the same cost as a 50-minute session with a psychologist.

Research from the tools used in Empowered shows that Weight Loss Surgery patients experienced a 77% increase in control over their cravings, improved mental health, and an average weight loss of 2kg in just 15 days.

💰 Plus, with private health insurance, you can claim rebates.

Stop feeling like a prisoner to the fridge and start feeling free around your food habits and confident in your ability to achieve your weight loss goals.

Try Empowered today and step into the best version of yourself.

All you need is 60ish minutes a week for 2 weeks in the group session and then approximately 10-15 minutes a day for 2 weeks. You will follow a specific process in a video each day that can re-wire your brain. Many people have noticed changes in the first few days of using the tools.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing. EMDR is a gold standard, evidence based treatment for trauma. However, Georgie has been trained in an EMDR protocol for eating and has thousands of hours administering this protocol with Weight Loss Surgery Patients. 

Only mental health practitioners can be accredited to use EMDR, such as Psychologists and Psychiatrists and the like. 

It's a powerful process using your eye movements to neutralise positive associations and connections that you've created with food.   

When you disconnect and neutralise the connection with food, your brain can lose interest in the food or habit. 

When your brain loses interest in the food or habit, cravings can disappear. 

This can give you a feeling of natural control around food. 

Natural control can lead to natural weight loss, which is supported in the research. 

A pilot study conducted on women using Georgie Beames' tools to combat cravings, over a period of 15 days, has shown significant changes in their snacking behaviours. 

One of the most significant findings was that on average, there was a 2 kg weight loss over 15 days. 

The study also showed that at the end of the 15 days, the women felt more clear headed, lively, active, and relaxed. Overall, the women reported a 77% increase in their sense of control over their snacking and cravings.

Women felt more in control and overall more confident.

The combined approach resulted in women feeling 77% more in control of their cravings.

Additionally, a side effect of using these tools was an average weight loss of 2kg over the period of 15 days.

Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer

This is the most affordable way to work with Georgie, a Registered Psychologist with a core focus in Eating and Weight for Weight Loss Surgery Patients.  

Georgie no longer sees clients for individual sessions. Empowered is the most affordable way to work with Georgie.
Wednesday 5th April 
Wednesday 12th April 

at 10:00-11:15am (Melbourne Time) via ZOOM

NOTE: Many women can't make it live, but complete the replay at a time that suits them.
LIMITED TiME ONLY when you apply your 3 day coupon code
(Only approximately $165 in USD)
  • 2x Weekly LIVE Group Sessions with Georgie where we identify how you are sabotaging yourself & we use EMDR to clear your sabotage blocks to feel EMPOWERED.
  • 5 Min Tools To Manage Cravings And Reduce Resistance
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) for Eating
  • ​EFT Tapping for Eating
  • ​Hypnosis for Eating
  • Keep Materials For LIFE!!
  • Private Health REBATES AVAILABLE - SAVE $$!!!
What Is EMPOWERED - 2 Week EMDR Taster?
This 4 week intensive has been developed by a Registered Psychologist, Georgie Beames,  who has 10 plus years working in the area of food cravings. It uses evidence-based tools that update hard-wired belief systems and re-wires the brain around food. Research from the tools that you will receive gave women 77% more control over their cravings. Their mental health improved, and they lost on average 2kg of weight in 15 days,  These results were from a pilot study, individual results may vary.   Georgie has thousands of hours using EMDR with 1 on 1 clients struggling with their eating and weight, including women who are considering, or have had weight loss surgery. 

What's involved in the EMPOWERED Experience?
Georgie has been accredited to use EMDR for over 8 years and has solely used it in the area of eating and weight. She has been taught specific eating and weight protocols and developed her own and conducted her own research on these protocols.    

How will it help me?
Relying on willpower to manage your cravings is like working with a drained battery with no charger. As the battery runs out over the day, so does your willpower, making you feel powerless to your cravings in the moment. The evidence based tools  uses your brain to re-wire the foods that you crave and create new pathways in the brain. This can give you natural control over food that you previously felt powerless to.

What If I Can't Attend The Live Sessions?
Whilst we recommend that you do attend live, if you can not do this, you will be sent a replay to complete in your own time.   There will be an opportunity to ask Georgie a question for her to answer should you not be able to attend live so you are not at any disadvantage of not being able to attend live. You will be sent all replays and you can keep the replays. 
How long do I have access to the tools in the EMPOWERED Intensive?
You will have 2  live sessions, facilitated by Georgie Beames.  Plus you have unlimited access to the best of Georgie's tools. You can continue to access and use the tools for life (beyond the 4 weeks together).  Replay will be sent from the live sessions that you are able to keep. 

What time investment do I need?
We meet each week at the same time for the 2 weeks for around 1 hour 15 minutes.  These sessions are conducted via zoom.  Then we recommend approximately investing 10-20 minutes a day will get you the best possible outcome. This is an investment in you. 10 minutes is a small amount of time out of your day, and on the app, you can complete the daily activity when it suits you. I’m not sure about you, but I spend a lot more than 10 minutes wasted on social media!

Why is EMPOWERED only AUD$247?
I envisage that the price will increase in the future. The reason why it’s only $247 is because I am wanting to collect data (which I love doing for the love of science and to make a positive contribution to research in psychology for eating) .  I will be asking you to complete short questionnaires over our time today and ask you to provide your feedback :) 

The average cost of a Generalist Psychologist is $270 for 50 minute sessions.  In Empowered you will have 2 hours with me working specifically on eating and weight. Plus you will receive re-wiring tools including EMDR, EFT Tapping and Hypnosis that you are able to keep for life.  These tools alone are valued at $691. 

What rebates are available?
You are eligible to claim via your private health insurer.   The item numbers are 
400 Group Treatment
10  Cognition
We will provide you with a receipt for you to claim once payment has been received.
Please note that you can not claim via a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for a group as the numbers in the group exceed the MHCP criteria. 

When will I start to notice changes to my eating?
Research has shown that participants felt and saw the difference in just 7 days. You can read about the research studies on this page. Research shows that changes can happen quickly when you commit to the process. Research has shown that participants felt and saw the difference in just 7 days. You can read about the research studies on this page. These results were taken from a pilot study, individual results may vary. 

Will I lose weight?
The Empowered Intensive is not a weight loss program, however, our research found that the natural weight loss did occur (2 kg in 15 days) when participants used the Food Cravings App tools each day. Weight loss became a by product of using the tools.  These results were from a pilot study, individual results may vary. 

How does it work?
The 90 Day Freedom Program is a Tapping Program. Each day you will receive instructions on what to focus on for your 10-15 minutes of tapping per day. Everything else is done for you. Consistency and momentum is key for change.
Will it work for me?
When women are able to connect with their feelings, tap for 10-15 minutes a day following my Blueprints everyday for the 90 days, the transformations have been incredible. I invite you to come and try it out for 7 days in a risk free way and see for yourself. You will only know if it works once you give it a go. 
How long do I need to tap for everyday?
Just 10-15 minutes of tapping a day following a Tapping Blueprint and / or a Tapping Video. Once you get the hang of tapping you can incorporate it into your day to day routine, and you will WANT to tap daily. 
How much is the program?
It's 3 x monthly payment of AUD$333, or you can pay upfront AUD$899 and save $100 (but only in the first 48 hours. then the price increases to $1500). When you join $333 will be deducted, then in one month the next installment will be automatically deducted, and then in another month the final amount will be automatically deducted.

For the equivalent of 3 hours with me in a one on one session, you will receive 3 months of value!!! That includes 24/7 support in the community from like minded women who understands you, daily accountability and step by step instructions. 12 Blueprints that you can keep for life to reduce eating sabotage that are based off years of my research and expertise as a Psychologist specialising in the area of emotional eating and weight. This is amazing value!!!
How will you support me?
The 90 day program is a run from membership site and a closed Facebook Community. We encourage you to post regularly in the group and ask for support and help when required. A large component of your learning will come from your interaction with other members of the community. 
What if I can't keep up with the program?
That's OK! We understand that things come up. There is some extra time allowed for you to catch up.
How long do the results last for?
Clinical trials in the area have shows lasting benefits for 1 year where the results have been maintained or improved. These clinical trial were based off 4 weeks of tapping, we will be tapping 3 times longer than the trials and  we will be tapping on blocks and barriers leading to eating sabotage, which is incredibly effective. 
What happens after 90 days?
There will be an option to continue beyond 3 months. We will be in touch closer to the time to let you know the details. This is not necessary, but the option is there for those who are keen to continue in its way. 
Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer Opportunity
Starting Soon.  Was $447. Only $247.


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