Are You Ready To End Your 24/7 Food Obsession & Gain FOOD FREEDOM? 
Starts 24th July
  • Do you obsess about food 24/7 & feel emotionally exhausted?
  • Eat in secret & hide your eating from others?
  • Eat alone (at night with the TV on, or in the car)?
  • Feel like you need to be in control & dieting the whole time to get on top of your weight?
Join Psychologist, Georgie Beames for the FREE 5 Day Food Freedom Challenge 
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During the Free Challenge You Will:
  •  Break your old emotional eating habits that are currently on automatic pilot.
  •  Identify your emotional eating triggers and your vulnerable eating times & then equip yourself with new strategies to reduce your emotional eating 
  •  Understand what’s taking you to the food when you engage in emotional eating so you can separate your feelings from food 
  •  Stop the self-criticism by becoming more self-compassionate (which has a direct link to your eating!)
Here's what the Food Freedom Participant's said after the last round:

"I discovered that I'm not actually hungry when I thought I was and by becoming more mindful I have very little desire to binge on food or even eat between meals. I have become what I had previously labelled as a 'normal' person around food in a matter of a couple of days; amazing!" 

"This is such an important part of my journey for me to learn new tools and strategies to stop my emotional eating and start being kind to myself! I loved the program and the insights it gave me! Thanks Georgie and the whole community for your support."

"I have tried many ways to help me with my emotional eating and I somehow managed to improve my emotions but not let go of my eating habits, this challenge was different it helped me look at my habits in a completely different way and let me see them for what they really are, just habits not this big scary controlling thing that I believe it was, it is definitely working as I am starting to look at things very differently which is so nice."