Women who want a normal relationship with food
Crave Carbs & Sweets At Night?
Here’s How To
Reduce Those Urges
Challenge Reduces Emotional Eating In 7 Days Or Less Without Restricting Yourself Or Relying On Willpower
Women who want a normal relationship with food
Crave Carbs & Sweets At Night?
Here’s How To
Reduce Those Urges
Challenge Reduces Emotional Eating In 7 Days Or Less Without Restricting Yourself Or Relying On Willpower
Why do some women have complete control around sweets and carbs while others struggle to have a normal relationship with food?
Your best friend walks into the kitchen with unexpected doughnut.

One look at the glazed frosting and you know the urge is going to come. 

So you wait for that familiar voice… 

And wait…

Meanwhile, your friend takes out a doughnut and hands it to you.

You can almost taste the white frosting through your fingers.

You decide to take one bite...

“That’s enough for now. I can save it for later.”

For a moment, you think you’re still dreaming.

But this is real. And attainable.

Hang on a minute!!!

“This would NEVER happen if it was me!”
I get why you think that. But up until now…
Even though you may not know it...
The only methods you’ve tried to control emotional eating are working against you.
And it’s not your fault. There are outside forces you’re probably unaware of which make this very hard. 
I know you can be relaxed around food in 7 days…
...or less.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let’s do a quick intro:
Hi lovely, my name is Georgie Beames and for the last 5 years, I’ve specialized in helping women beat emotional eating for good.

As a chronic emotional eater growing up, I remember feeling completely out of control around anything sweet or delicious. I used to hide at night eating ice cream watching my favourite shows. 

The triggering moment of change happened when I turned 30. By this point, my sister, mother & grandmother were married, with their first child. It was tradition. I was still single…

...and I felt like I didn’t belong.

I knew my eating habits were holding me back…

I tried therapy with a psychologist, but they weren’t a specialist…

I spent hours at the bookstore reading about feelings and eating without control…

I even tried several online courses but talk therapy and other similar methods were about “thinking” through the problem.

And what’s funny is…

I was never “thinking” when it came to late-night cravings…

It just happened. 

As I was struggling, I studied psychology. I buried myself in heaps of eating books. 

And that’s when I had my “Aha”.

All the experts were talking about “thinking” through the problem…


I knew the problem was EMOTIONAL. 

I was avoiding all my emotional problems and stuffing it down with food. I was trying to THINK critically…

...when the answer was all about FEELING through it.

And once I discovered this secret, I became so much more calm…
My confidence shot up…

My friends even asked if I went on a diet ;)

It’s the best feeling in the world. 

Because in the end...

All the choices were mine.
I finally felt in control.
Once I found it, I knew I had to share it with others...
And they did this WITHOUT:
Now, as a registered psychologist working alongside Australia's doctors, I’ve helped thousands of women regain control so they can have a normal relationship with food.
  • Resorting to Fad Diets
  • Restricting Yourself From Favourite Snacks
  • Or Eating Like A Human Rabbit (carrots meh)​
Yes, you can enjoy doughnuts AND lose fat.
You can have a relaxed meal with friends without worrying about what to binge later.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true? (After all, this is huge problem a lot of women deal with 
and it would be weird if I figured this out all by myself right?)
Just take a look at these women:
How does it work?
Right now, every time you drive past a McDonalds or walk through a convenience 
store loaded with sugary goods your brain is yelling:
The “Brain Makeover” shuts up the roaring voice and calms those urges so you finally can have a relaxed relationship with food (even if you think it’s impossible right now - trust me, I hear this all the time).

Specifically, this method uses high-level neuroscience to re-wire your brain.

Simply sit down, follow me on a short video and feel your urges melt away.

It works because we’re re-wiring the pleasure centers of your brain. And it works REALLY well. Some women I’ve worked with have claimed they’ve “forgotten” they were an emotional eater.
It’s that powerful.
Who The Challenge Is For
It’s for women who have spent years struggling with the constant ups and downs of the dieting and despair cycle, only to have ended up putting on more weight. It's for women who yearn for sustainable change, not another quick fix. They want to break their unhealthy eating habits so that they can feel calm around food, more confident in themselves and hopeful about the future.
What's Involved?
We start as a group on Monday. You can join from anywhere in the world! Everyday Georgie will provide daily, step by step instructions. You will complete the daily task and post in the small, private community of women also completing the 7 day challenge. Accountability is critical to your success and we’ve created a safe private environment for that.

As soon as you watch the first video, you will start to change your relationship with food in a way that you never thought was possible.
Whats' The Investment?
Typically to work with me one on one for this level of service, I charge $300 an hour. However, because I can do this in a group setting it’s more affordable.

Your investment is only USD$28 for 7 days working alongside the only online psychologist who specializes in emotional eating.
Here’s how to start…
Simply click the button below, follow the form and you’ll receive an email for the start date.
If you can’t make it this Monday, don’t worry.
We can add you to the next list so you can enjoy this at your own pace.