Craving a Life of Peace And Food Freedom?
Just image what's possible if we continued the food freedom journey for more than a week.
How would it feel to be able to turn down the volume on that internal voice that’s constantly buzzing with thoughts about food and when you can get your next fix?

How would it feel to be able to enjoy a meal out with friends without feeling self-conscious that everyone is judging how many times you’ve reached for the cheese platter? 

And how would it feel to be able to just ENJOY the pleasure of eating food without the side serving of guilt, shame and embarrassment?

Can I give you a clue...?

You would finally feel FREE!
You would be able to genuinely enjoy life instead of feeling like every day is a battle against your obsession with food.

You would be able to say good-bye to the endless cycle of restrictive diets that inevitably lead to a rebound of over-eating.

You won't have to work so hard to maintain the facade that you've got your life all together...

because now, you actually WILL have it all together... 
even your relationship with food. 

And what you're left with??


No more inner turmoil, no more beating yourself up, no more punishment...

Just peace. 

That kind of peace is NOT just reserved for those at the perfect weight, with the perfect willpower. It's truly possible for YOU...

...You just need to know how!

Because the truth is, we've been taught that the only way to GET the peace we crave is to turn to one solution. 

The Diet!

But you only need to look back at the graveyard of diets, pills and potions you’ve abandoned along the way to realise that none of them actually made a difference. 

Starting a diet is a bit like putting a bandaid over an infected wound. It might look fine on the surface. But unless you deal with the actual infection, the band-aid is useless.

And THAT’S what we need to do when it comes to food.

Unless we can get to the root cause of your emotional eating and obsession with food, it’s going to keep rearing its ugly head, time and time again and keep you stuck in that unhealthy pattern.

Until you decide to declare NO MORE. 

Allow me to introduce the 
Freedom Program
Developed by me - Georgie Beames - a Psychologist and ex-compulsive eater, the Freedom Program offers you an inside-out approach to deal with your emotional eating, self sabotage and food obsession in a way that actually LASTS.

The Freedom Program is NOT about becoming a size 8.

It’s about breaking free from the prison that restrictive diets and emotional eating has kept you trapped in.

It’s for the women who are sick of making the promise that you’ll start again on Monday.

It’s for the women who are emotionally exhausted from the day to day battle of counting calories and obsessing about food.

It’s for the women who yearn for peace.

And the best part?

When you create freedom around food, you create freedom in EVERY area of your life. The positive flow on effect spills into your relationships, your family, your happiness and your zest for life.

When you break free, you can finally start to become the woman you were always meant to be.
This program is for you if:
  • You obsess about food: day & night.
  • You try to keep your eating and your relationship with food a secret from everyone around you.
  • You are either strictly in control (dieting) or totally out of control (bingeing or emotionally eating) with food. There is no in between .
  • You are at your worst with food when you are alone - eating in the car, late at night or when no one else is around.
  • You know what you ‘should’ be eating but you just can’t stop yourself reaching for the ‘wrong’ foods. You feel like you constantly self sabotage. 
  • You are ready to break free from this negative cycle and finally create peace around food and your body image.
  • You are ready to commit to a process that will actually work for long-term results instead of bouncing from one ‘quick-fix’ to the next .
  • You are ready to put YOU first and finally experience the true Freedom you have always craved.
Meet Narelle Glynn, one of our gorgeous participants in the Freedom Program
Having spent most of my life looking for the answers in fad diets and exercise programs, this program represented a welcome relief. I've finally found a sustainable approach to honouring my body and soul. I am no longer at war with myself and am a more compassionate person now that I’ve found this more peaceful daily existence. 

I actually even lost weight completely naturally and I've never felt better in myself. 

There are certainly times in my life when I've been thinner that I am today, but I have never felt so well in myself. The community is such a supportive place. It's that critical friend at your back to both prop you up and gently push you forward. Every woman's journey is different and we meet one another where they are at and support them how they need it right there in that moment. 

Thank goodness for this program. I'm now looking ahead to my forties with a spring in my step!!"

How would it feel if you could:

  •   Let go of all of the constant worry and stress around food so that you can enjoy food for the simple pleasure of it, without it controlling your life?
  •  Get off the roller coaster of strict dieting, then binge eating and feeling horrible, then back to the beginning to start yet another diet
  •  Respect yourself and your body so that you can be at peace within yourself and become a great role model for your kids? 

This Is What Freedom Can Look Like:
  •   Never picking up another diet book 
  •   Never counting another calorie
  •   Never waking up on a Monday morning with the 
      pressure to start a new diet
  •   No more gruelling workouts as punishment for
      what you've eaten
  •   No more guilt & shame after eating
  •   Taking charge of your food cravings and
      CHOOSING how you respond
  •   Feeling more confident in your own skin and
      finally being able to accept your body as it is 
  •   Eating in a calm and stress free way and actually
      being able to enjoy food
  •   Being more in tune with your body and
      respecting your natural signals for when you’re
      hungry and when you’ve had enough
  •   Managing your emotions without using food
  •   Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat
      (no more rules and rigidity)
  •   Learning to trust yourself and realising that YOU
      have the power to change your life
  •   Learning to like, and even… LOVE yourself!
One thing that we constantly hear from our community of Freedom participants is that they came to the program looking to heal their relationship with food, but they end up walking away with so much more.

The way we treat ourselves when it comes to food, tends to permeate so many other areas of our life as well. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how we act around other people. So when we start to make positive changes around food, there is an incredible knock on effect that ripples throughout our entire lives.

Check out this video to hear about some of the unexpected benefits that our Freedom participants have experienced as a result of doing this program. 
We surveyed some of our Freedom participant's after 4 weeks on the program. Here's what they had to say...
  •   I feel free, happy and hopeful about the future 
  •   I haven't felt the need to binge now for about 3 weeks. I was so reliant on certain trigger foods to try to find happiness - that seems to have flicked a switch  
  •  I'm not always thinking about food or planning what my next meal is going to be or where it's going to come from. 
  •   I now understand my triggers for emotional eating
  •  I no longer feel guilty about eating the wrong food 
  •  I'm now enjoying food 
  •  I have not gained weight. And I'm not sure if I've lost it. I don't weigh myself. I am learning to trust. I feel OK.
As you can see, when you join the Freedom Program you will start to feel a HUGE difference within the first few weeks. 

But that is just the beginning. 

The more you engage in program, the more amazing 
benefits you will receive.  
Here are some comments from our longer term participant's:
Rosie Dell,
Participant in the
Freedom Program
"Since starting this Freedom journey I have been feeling so much more alive.

Surprisingly the changes I’m noticing in myself are not all about the food but rather about feeling more and more like who I am meant to be.

Georgie offers such a lot of support throughout this journey, and the women in the community are always there when I want to share what’s going on, get some ideas, or celebrate my baby steps. I have felt enfolded in love and compassion and am feeling more loving towards myself. It hasn’t always been easy because I’ve had some difficult feelings come up, but on the flip side, experiencing feelings means I’ve been noticing happiness and joy a lot more often as well. 

Life is so much richer and ‘in the moment’ these days.  

It’s like the lid has been lifted off this great secret and I’m not alone in it anymore. With Georgie there to guide us all along I am confident that I’ll continue to reap the benefits of freedom."

"This program has given me hope that I can live the life I was meant to. It has given me a glimpse of what life can be like without the agony of either starving, bingeing or recovering from bingeing. I now have days where I have peace. I still have difficult days but they are fewer and I know how to get back to how I want to be.

 Georgie has helped me to see that food is not the issue. 

 It's so good to know that I'm no longer alone and this has helped me to acknowledge and accept my issues with food / feelings and that I can change.

My only regret is that I didn't find this program earlier." 

Helen, Participant in the Freedom Program
"When you feel free in your own skin it changes how you relate to yourself, your family, friends, colleagues; in fact everyone, in a really positive way.

Life is so much sweeter without all that worry, anxiety, obsession & criticism!"

Georgie Beams
Creator of the Freedom Program 
CASE STUDY: From Self Sabotage to Self Acceptance: Meet Harriet

For Harriet, food had always been her comfort, her ally and her friend for as long as she could remember. She was fatter than her siblings and her Mum put her on a diet at the age of 10. Even at that age, she was acutely aware that she was chubby, awkward and felt ugly.

Harriet joined the Freedom Program because she had been on so many diets over the years and was still not on top of her eating and weight.  She was emotionally and physically exhausted and was searching for a different approach that might actually work. 

Harriet was initially worried that this program might be yet another thing that she was going to jump into wholeheartedly, but then lose momentum and fail like she had done so many times before.

But she was committed to identify WHY she was eating and what she could do to change her patterns. She described the insights & strategies she received from the program as PRICELESS!

Harriet was able to break the ‘in control’ vs ‘out of control’ cycle by learning the psychology behind control itself. She learnt that her past behaviour had nothing to do with a lack of willpower.  She applied the strategies to curb her self sabotage and she was able to create a more balanced and flexible approach to her eating. No more all or nothing (i.e. dieting or bingeing).  

For the first time, Harriet accepted where was at on her journey and took responsibility for her own outcomes.  This was a huge shift for her as she had previously held onto a belief that nothing was going to work for her.

She spent 46 years hating herself but she is now learning to recognise everything that makes her a good person and how she can start to love herself exactly as she is.

Harriet wasn’t sure where the program was going to take her, but she committed to working hard and being honest with herself.  She was realistic and knew it wouldn’t be a quick fix but she described the course and the journey as completely life changing. She is a much happier person, and for that alone, the program was worth every penny.

The Freedom Program supports real women dealing with real issues around their relationship with food & themselves.
It is NOT another quick fix to lose 10kg only to turn around and put it right back on again (plus more) once the program is done.  

It’s about digging deep and changing the way you think about food and yourself from the inside, out.

It’s about dealing with the root cause of your struggles with food so that you can finally break the patterns that have kept you in this negative loop for far too long.

It’s about saying goodbye to restriction and deprivation and making changes that will actually LAST .

This program is for women who not only want food freedom, but freedom in their own skin, 
and freedom in their lives!
Here's my story
My personal experience inspired this program. And my professional expertise helped to shape it into a powerful and transformative program for REAL women, all around the world, who want REAL results.

I am passionate about empowering women to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, no longer defined by their weight.

How? By providing strategies and tools that women need to get out of their own way, stop the behaviours that are holding them back in life and finally become the person that they want and DESERVE to be.

I am a registered psychologist, specialising in working with women around their weight, emotional eating & self sabotage. For more than 12 years, I’ve had the pleasure of providing professional therapeutic support to many inspiring women through my private practice and group programs to deal with their body image and emotional eating.

I would love to support you too.

The next Freedom Program commences on the
5th February 2018 

Meet Katie
Meet Mary
Meet Laura
Meet Narelle
The Online Freedom Program includes:

We start the program by taking you on a journey to discover your future self as YOU would like to create her. Tap into the real woman who you’ve kept hidden underneath those layers and start to live, breathe and FEEL that person.  You’ll also learn how to give yourself a huge dose of self compassion and adopt powerful body acceptance practices. Because you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.

  •  Identify the values that will help to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  
  •  Learn powerful processes that allow you to accept your current body image & free yourself from that internal
     struggle every time you face the mirror. This is not about “putting up with” the body you’ve got. It’s about deeply
     accepting and respecting your body as it is. 

It’s time to separate your feelings from food.  We all need coping strategies to deal with life’s ups and downs and this module builds up your internal resources, so you no longer need to rely on food (or any other substitutes) to deal with your emotions. Let’s switch off the automatic pilot and discover what’s really driving you to eat (because it’s actually  got nothing to do with food!).

  •  Understand the triggers that drive you to eat, and the emotions you are seeking to avoid, suppress or numb by
  •  Learn how to separate your feelings from food and gain new coping strategies so that you don’t have to keep
     turning to food when things get tough.
  •  Learn two key techniques you can use every single day to put an end to your emotional eating.

Now we examine how this struggle came to exist in your life. You’ll begin to understand how and why your excess weight has served a purpose in keeping you safe. We also examine those two competing parts of your brain  – the part that wants to change and the part that is scared and resisting change. Those competing sides have kept you in that “one step forward, two steps back” loop of self sabotage and it’s time to put a stop to it. This module is all about releasing the excess baggage that you've been carrying around for years.

  •  Identify the key reason why you're carrying excess weight & how it’s much more complex than a simple lack of
  •  Practice treating yourself with compassion so that you can start to treat yourself with more love and understanding
  •  Learn why you KNOW what you should and shouldn't be eating but yet you can’t seem to stick to it
  •  Acknowledge your fear of failure and why you’re hesitant to try a different approach, but also how to turn those
     concerns around so that THIS becomes the program that finally WORKS for you.

Self-sabotage is THE biggest problem that keep women stuck in these negative patterns. We think that the only way to succeed is through willpower, control and discipline. But inevitably, they become too difficult to maintain and we lose control all over again, like a swinging pendulum.  We will identify those pesky Saboteurs who threaten to derail your progress and help you to find your self compassionate voice instead.  You will discover a whole new way of being - one that is calm, centered and where YOU’RE in charge.

  •  Ditch the “all or nothing” approach so that you can become more balanced, flexible and calm around food
  •  Identify exactly how you sabotage your progress and how to kick that Saboteur out of the driver’s seat so that YOU
     can take the wheel instead.
  •  Learn how to drown out the noise of your inner critic with a far more compassionate internal voice instead.
  •  Identify the beliefs that have held you back from becoming the woman you long to be and learn how to release
     those beliefs so that you can start to step fully into your new self.
Click the image below to see the detailed Course Outline:
Claire Dodge,
Participant in the
Freedom Program
"Today we decided to have a family day together in the garden, relaxing and having fun together.  However, at one point I found myself getting quite emotional - and it's all because of this programme! 

So I want to say thank you to you Georgie, for changing my life and the way I feel. I actually feel that I'm enjoying life again. 

I'm making the most of the moments, having fun and joining in. Previously I'd have been more worried about getting the stuff on my to do list done and/or would be sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else.

 I loved today and how it made me feel and I hope to have many more moments like it! "
option two: EIGHT x monthly payments
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Course Lifetime Access to Materials & Community
  • Group Coaching Support
  • Direct Access to Georgie in Private Facebook Community
  • Ditch Dieting Bonus Guide
  • Mindful Eating Bonus Guide 
  • Tap Into Freedom Advanced program 

option one: 
one off payment
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Course Lifetime Access to Materials & Community
  • Group Coaching Support
  • Direct Access to Georgie in Private Facebook Community
  • Ditch Dieting Bonus Guide 
  • Mindful Eating Bonus Guide
  • Tap Into Freedom Advanced program 
  • Pay in full and receive a 20% discount from payment plan i.e. when you pay via the payment plan you will be paying 20% more

"Before the Freedom Pro
gram I had spent 32 of my 41 years bingeing, restricting, hating myself, and hating food. I'd tried every diet there was, always starting each one with such enthusiasm that I'd be devastated when I inevitably feel off the wagon - again. 

I also tried not dieting, and intuitive eating but that didn't work either as I wasn't working on the underlying habits. I even saw a number of psychologists overt the years but none were able to have a lasting impact. 

Since starting the program I've let go of dieting, have managed to stop bingeing and even over eating. I now only eat when I'm hungry and yet I don't feel deprived because I eat exactly what I want. 

I'm finding that I no longer see any food as the enemy and I'm learning to accept my body just the way it is. The future looks bright for the first time in over 30 years!"  
You also receive the following bonuses when you enrol in the Freedom Program:
Georgie will conduct a group coaching call mid way through the program to answer all your burning questions. You can also catch Georgie in her regular Facebook Lives in the private community. 
The perfect companion to the Freedom Program, this guide will teach you how to reconnect with your inner self and your body. You will learn how to distinguish physical hunger from emotional eating, gain greater insight into why diets don’t work and more importantly, you’ll learn a non-dieting approach that actually WORKS so that you can get off the roller coaster and create real and sustainable change.
Designed to help you develop a new mindset around food, you will receive my 19-page Mindful Eating Guide based on research and practical strategies that have worked for many of my clients. Mindfulness can help you to stop struggling with food and the feelings you have towards your body. By learning to become mindful, tuning into your body and understanding you unique eating personality, you will learn how to eat intuitively and reduce episodes of emotional eating.
Tap into Freedom is an amazing advanced program designed to accelerate your results and I’ve included it here to take the Online Freedom Program to a whole new level. In this course, I demonstrate the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) step-by-step and teach you how to tap to:

1. Release your excess weight
2. Eliminate specific food cravings
3. Release your limiting beliefs
4. Soften perfectionism
5. Clear self-sabotage

And much more.

EFT is an extremely effective and instrumental practice in shifting limiting beliefs. You can use this technique anywhere, anytime, to help you change your thinking at a subconscious level. 
When You Enrol In the Freedom Program, You Will Receive:
  •  4 Comprehensive Modules (including workbooks, videos, audio trainings and supporting resources)
  •  Group coaching support during the LIVE rounds
  •  Advanced “Tap Into Freedom” EFT Course
  •  Mindful Eating Guide Bonus
  •  Ditch Dieting Guide Bonus
  •  Lifetime Access to all course materials (worth thousands)
  •  Lifetime Access to the private Facebook Community with direct access to Georgie and supported by like-
     minded women who are all on the same journey (worth thousands) 
  •  An opportunity to repeat the program (with Georgie holding your hand) again in 2018 PLUS access to ALL
     future live rounds.
"In my professional experience, women know what they SHOULD be eating. However, there’s those two internal voices that are competing for attention. 

One voice desperately wants her to become the person she desires to be. Then there’s the other voice that doesn’t want to change. That voice is trying to keep her safe, so it lashes out when it sees her trying something different. But, that voice is keeping her unhappy.

This internal conflict is exhausting. It is also a significant factor in why around 95% of people who diet end up putting all the weight back on (and then some) within 12 months. Diets only deal with the symptom (ie. the excess weight), not the root cause."

Georgie Beams
Creator of the Freedom Program
Kelly Harper,
Participant in the
Freedom Program
"I first completed the Freedom Program with a goal of trying an alternative to dieting (which clearly wasn't the answer for me!) and it has been an absolute life changer. 

I am working through the program at my own pace and learning so much about myself. More importantly, I am learning strategies to navigate and better deal with adverse behaviours that I didn't even realise were so ingrained.
I'm still a work in progress, but am gaining confidence and learning to be kinder to myself. 

Georgie's kind and generous wisdom, combined with the amazing community she has built are a wonderful support network to complement the program."

The Freedom Program Is The Missing Link.
Other programs that combine psychological theory, core techniques, mindfulness and professional support sell for thousands of dollars. Georgie is committed to keeping her programs affordable so that she can help as many women as possible to change their lives for the better.
Georgie Beames is a qualified psychologist with years of experience specialising in treating women who battle with emotional eating, self-sabotage and excess weight. Using techniques that are backed by research, Georgie developed this program to bring together a variety of methodologies such as psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and mindfulness to create a holistic approach that actually works.

When you enrol in this online program, you’ll get access to the practical tools YOU need to tap into your subconscious mind and change your life.

No more band-aid solutions! With the Freedom Program, you will spark deep and lasting change.

We want you to be certain about your purchase. We know that Georgie’s techniques WORK as long as YOU are prepared to commit to your own results.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the program within the first 7 days, simply submit your completed worksheets to show us that you DID in fact do the work, and we’ll provide a full refund.

But that doesn’t give you a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Georgie is committed to helping you succeed. And we want you to treat your investment in this program as your own personal commitment to YOURSELF, that THIS time, things will be different.

If you have any concerns about making a commitment to this program, please email us at
Joining the Freedom Program should be a decision you’re excited about (even if it makes you a little nervous). So if you’re still not sure if the program is right for you, here’s a few steps you can take to ensure you’re making the right decision.

1. Scroll up the page & watch the 4 interviews from previous Freedom Participants. Many of these women will continue to support you in the private Facebook community.

2. Watch the Sneak Peak of the Freedom Program where I take you behind the scenes and give you a taste of what you’ll get inside the program. Check out the video below…

3. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below

4. If you’re still not sure, and have additional questions to make sure the program is the right fit for you, just email me at I’ll be happy to help.  
Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of the Freedom Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the Online Freedom Program for?
This is for women who want to make real and sustainable change. It's for women who are ready to finally let go of all the struggle and start to transform into the woman she’s always wanted to be. 

If you're seriously ready for change and ready to learn to love and accept yourself on the inside - this is the program for you. Georgie will be supporting you every step of the way as your new way of being starts to unfold. 
Who should NOT do this program?
The Program is NOT for you if you’re just looking for another quick fix or you’re not willing or ready to dig deep and deal with the root cause of your emotional eating. We don’t just deal with the surface level symptoms like excess weight, we actually get to the bottom of the issue so that we can resolve it and stop it from rearing its ugly head time and time again. So if you’re just looking for a band-aid solution, this program is not for you.

This online program is also NOT suited for women who need a higher level of professional support (eg. those with anorexia nervosa or bulimia) where it would be more appropriate to obtain individual, face-to-face help.
How does it work?
Developed by a registered psychologist, the Freedom Program offers powerful, science-based techniques and strategies to stop your self sabotage and emotional eating. Through videos, audios, workbooks and other tools, you will receive the unique road maps and support to help you gain food freedom and put an end to those on-going battles with your body.
What is expected of me?
You know better than anyone that there are no quick fixes. If you’re reading this, I believe you’re ready to dig deeper and explore why you’re still stuck in this struggle with food and your body. If you want to get results, you need to be willing to do the work (even the uncomfortable bits) and commit to the process. If you commit to working through the guided processes and worksheets provided to you in this program and become an active member of our support community where we will celebrate your success and guide you through your challenges, you will reap the rewards of this incredible transformation. 
Will I lose weight on Freedom Programs?
The Freedom Program is NOT a weight loss program. It is designed for participants to establish a healthier relationship with their body and food so they can drop the struggle and start actually LIVING. 

The program does NOT focus on what you weigh, what you eat, when to eat, or calories in and out. I teach you how to become an intuitive eater. My clients find this very empowering and liberating and while many women experience natural weight loss as a result, that is not the primary goal. Creating a healthy, accepting and loving relationship with food and your body is the primary goal.
Anna Wilson,
Participant in the
Freedom Program
"When I first signed up to the Food Freedom program I thought fabulous, I will finally get ‘control’ of my emotional eating. Little did I know that control was one of the major factors contributing to it! 

I have also been opened to whole world of self-discovery – not only did I learn about my emotional eating, but I connected with myself in a way that I haven’t for many years (decades even!) and slowly I am chipping away – learning to love myself as I am and find other ways to deal with uncomfortable feelings, other than food! 

Thank you Georgie – it’s been a wonderful journey and one that I will wander on for the rest of my life!"
Don't spend another day locked in that internal battle with food. 
You deserve to feel FREE,
and I'd love to show you how!